Objectives and purpose 

As a non-profit organization / non-profit association we have some main goals which we pursue. The purpose is to provide the population as well as official authorities and weather service providers with our observations, data and experiences in order to contribute to the research and improvement of severe weather warnings. Our analyses and documentation should also provide detailed information for the processing of insurance claims or structural protection measures in case of consequential damage caused by storms.

The main objectives are noted in our statutes and are subdivided, depending on the storm situation, into further points which are additionally viewed and implemented by us according to the event. The purpose of the association is also the promotion of the general public in the field of Unwetterbeobachtung and support in case of storm warnings as well as analysis and documentation of the storms and their consequences in case of storm damage.

This will be achieved in particular through:

  • Development and operation of an internet portal to inform the interested public
  • Development and maintenance of storm statistics which are collected voluntarily by us or the weather observers (spotters) and are available to various partners and the population on the Internet.
  • Advice on current weather conditions and information as well as documentation - if possible in real time (livestreams, etc.) - on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and on our website.
  • If required, information (behaviour, observations, weather events) to interested members of the public (on request) and the members of the association.
  • Realisation of a documentary film as well as individual reports and interviews with affected persons, fire brigades and other persons/institutions involved
  • Storm reports in the form of a blog and/or video with corresponding explanation of the respective weather phenomena/occurrence (especially in case of major storm events).
  • Cooperation and data exchange with all interested scientific projects, fire brigades and organisations as well as weather services in Switzerland and Europe
  • Networking and exchange between Stormchaser throughout Europe (Unified Stormchaser Network)
  • Reporting severe weather events via Skywarn and ESWD (European Severe Weather Database)