Voluntary support

Since our organization is primarily non-profit and the storm monitoring team is passionate about their work, there are still costs. In order to enable the Storm Observation CH/EU to store their data, documentation and statistics and to pursue their projects/goals, a Linux root server is in operation. This causes among other things monthly fixed costs of over EUR 98.00. Occasionally, our voluntary activities which pursue the goals and purposes also incur costs in the areas of material wear, technical equipment, petrol, food, etc. For the most part we finance ourselves as far as possible. Nevertheless, there are situations where our own so-called "sacrifice" is no longer sufficient and we have to resort to contract or donation funds.

We are always happy to receive small or even large support. If you would like to support our work as well as our projects (most recent project: the documentary), you have the following possibilities:

Donate via Paypal
If it should be fast, easy and uncomplicated Paypal is usually the first choice.
To make a donation to the charity via Paypal, simply click on the following link:

Donate via bank transfer
Aufgrund bisherigen fehlenden Zahlungen und da bis heute noch kein Geld über unsere Vereinskasse gelaufen ist, wurde das Konto durch die Bank leider aufgelöst, da es den Anschein macht wir bräuchten es nicht. Somit sind Spendenzahlungen leider nur derzeit über Paypal möglich.
Danke für das Verständnis.

Use of donated funds

According to its statutes, the Unwetterbeobachtung CH/EU is financed by offerings (from members of the board) and/or income from assignments in the field of weather reports and documentation as well as by voluntary donations. Voluntary donations as well as all other not-for-profit income are used exclusively for the goals and purposes set out in the statutes. In addition, a part of it flows into our projects such as the documentary film or into the technology (repairs, renewal, etc.) in order to be able to fulfill the goals. Invoices for infrastructure etc. can be requested and viewed on request.