Welcome to Unwetterbeobachtung CH/EU

With our many years of experience and knowledge in the fields of storm chasing (storm and thunderstorm hunting), meteorology (models, synoptics, etc.) and photography, we have made it our business to pass on our knowledge to the people out there and to warn of impending storms and natural phenomena. Since we are often asked a lot about the weather or even for help with storm events, we have set up a TaskForce.

Our work in and with the organisation Storm Observation CH/EU is voluntary and honorary. Behind the many observations, documentations, live streams and warnings are a lot of passion and commitment. Sometimes we rack our brains for days before the actual storm situation what exactly is coming up. Sometimes we are called out by the fire brigade for appropriate assistance.

What started with a great interest in the weather is now a non-profit organisation that records, observes, documents and analyses storms. If you have any questions or cannot find the information you are looking for, we look forward to hearing from you.