Our Sponsors & Partners

Our work is voluntary and does not involve any profit-oriented activity. Therefore we always finance ourselves and are always happy about patrons, partners and sponsors. The weather monitoring Switzerland and Europe, an organization of the UwBe International works together with various partners and media bodies. Attached are the most important partners and sponsors (list not final): 

The garage Zimmerli AG in Lenzburg scores with always competent advice and fast and clean service. As an official Kia, Suzuki and Subaru representative, she is our first point of contact for problems with our service vehicle (Subaru Forester). The focus is always on the enthusiastic driver. In addition to the sale of new cars, the garage Zimmerli offers a large selection of secondhand vehicles from all manufacturers and provides spare parts and workshop service from a master’s hand.

The trained team of professionals is always on hand to advise, sell and, of course, talk about the latest achievements of the automotive industry. The team of the weather monitoring ch/EU is self-customer at this garage and we can highly recommend this garage. So if you are looking for a competent, fast and clean service, then come to Garage Zimmerli AG in Lenzburg as well.



MeteoNews AG is the largest private weather service in Switzerland. In addition to Switzerland, other countries such as Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Spain and Turkey are also supported. As a long-time partner, the weather monitoring ch/EU is working closely together in the reporting. We report on relatively timely weather events with our documentation and also contribute to the improvement of weather warnings with various observations. Likewise, our timely observations on the spot flow directly into the reporting. For example, Be warned even better in the event of an impending storm and above all locally promptly and early. 


Hostpoint AG runs web hosting packages at a very good price and performance ratio. Our website and domain run on the server of Hostpoint. The fast and competent support is also highly recommended in other areas. As the largest and best domain and hosting provider in Switzerland, the company has made a name for itself.