Thunderstorm weekend with floodings

19. June 2016
The thunderstorms which locally again up to 90 ls / mm2 rains have brought, led in different places again to floodings. For example, the Rhine registers a "century high water", this was not as high long any more as the weekend from 16. to the 18th June, 2016. The whole size became visible, first of all, in the MUNICIPALITY DIEPOLDSAU SG
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Violent Thunderstorms lead to Highwater and barn Fire

8. June 2016
On Tuesday 7th June, 2016 local strong precipitations came down in Switzerland. Because these thunderstorm cells hardly moved on account of missing height wind and were therefore hour after hour there and then, this led to fed grounds(bottoms). The next storms of Wednesday 8th June and Thursday 9th June led with renewed strong precipitations now to the fact that the grounds(bottoms) could not draw up(wind up) the water any more. The consequence were the first inundations on fields and in rural regions, since, finally, then also the sewerages and sewers filled with water on a massive scale.
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Heavy thunderstorm on the Adriatic coast

28. October 2015
At the beginning of October 2015, the weather on the Adriatic was exciting. This included not only the well-known Bura bark (ugs Bora) but also violent thunderstorms, which should arise through the still warm Adriatic. We watched the weather conditions for days and decided to go to Croatia for a few weeks on October 10, with success.
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