On Tuesday 7th June, 2016 local strong precipitations came down in Switzerland. Because these thunderstorm cells hardly moved on account of missing height wind and were therefore hour after hour there and then, this led to fed grounds(bottoms). The next storms of Wednesday 8th June and Thursday 9th June led with renewed strong precipitations now to the fact that the grounds(bottoms) could not draw up(wind up) the water any more. The consequence were the first inundations on fields and in rural regions, since, finally, then also the sewerages and sewers filled with water on a massive scale.

In Eriz there was locally in large amounts hail between 0.5 and 1 cms of size. The meadows were white in addition on Tuesday afternoon here and there and on the streets there were hail shifts from up to 8-cm height.

Then on Wednesday other precipitation-pregnant thunderstorm cells went – first of all, in the canton Aargau – on which a lot of waters brought up to 100 ls here and there / m2 innert to few hours(lessons). Here the impressive lift of the thunderstorm cell in Frick:

Then later we proceeded after Mägenwil und Ohtmarsingen AG where the size of the water masses was visible. Several streets and cellars stood under water, the fire brigade had to do a lot. In the canton Basel landscape even houses had to be evacuated on account of a slope slide completely.

When we still wanted to intercept afterwards the last cell in the Jura, we agreed shortly after we have driven off, information of the fire brigade Oftringen. A flash had smashed repeatedly into a farmhouse and had put this as a consequence in full fire. Also we proceeded directly to the place of the events in Küngoldingen. 20 minutes later had arrived the einte part of the house entirely burned down. Thanks to a fire protection wall the dwelling-house was not affected next door. People(persons) and animals came, luckily, nobody to damage. The first searches have proved that the flash which Smashed there a strength from 6.6kA has had and has ordered the house of no lightning conductor.

Here still our video to the whole Chasing as well as an interview of the head of operations on the spot in Küngoldingen:

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