Thunderstorm with strong rain and hail core on the 17th June, 2016

The thunderstorms which locally again up to 90 ls / mm2 rains have brought, led in different places again to floodings. For example, the Rhine registers a „century high water“, this was not as high long any more as the weekend from 16. to the 18th June, 2016. The whole size became visible, first of all, in the MUNICIPALITY DIEPOLDSAU SG:

The thunderstorm appeared shortly on Zurich which it afterwards in the Alpstein accumulated. By the Säntis and the mountains the cell had collected and became at present much stronger. One could observe very well the lift and the nearer coming strong rain and hail:

Before we can be overrun, however, by this cell, we shifted the location farther orientally after Gams/grave and got of it an impressive sight:

The cell has hardly overcome the „Alpsteingebirge“, she took trip and disappeared in the direction of Austria. Such a „rotten weather“ also has his(its) beautiful sides(pages), because a beautiful rainbow appeared us with the setting(declining) sun in Feldkirch. Then in Zurich we could intercept later in the evening a new cell:

Thunderstorm with stored precipitation on the 18th June, 2016

The thunderstorms from the 18th June, 2016 also brought some strong precipitation and, first of all, in the region of Thun and the Emmental some hail, however, did not lead any more to floodings. First of all, a thunderstorm cell had it – in spite of lacking flash rate – in itself. The cell lift was to be considered very much imposingly. Here a few pictures of Saturday in the region Pfaffnau, Reiden and Sursee.

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