At the Beginning of October 2015, the Weather on the Adriatic was exciting. This included not only the well-known Bura bark (Bora) but also violent Thunderstorms, which should arise through the still warm Adriatic. We watched the Weather Conditions for Days and decided to go to Croatia for a few Weeks on October 10, with success. After enjoying the beautiful Weather and Scenery for the first days, we soon got down to Business. We can highly recommend the country Croatia to every Holidaymaker.

On the 14th of October we started tomorrow morning to find a suitable Place. Likewise, we have studied the Maps carefully, because finding the right Place on the Adriatic is not an easy Task. Toward the later afternoon, the Front across the Adriatic Sea moved to Sibenik and brought many Flashes from far away, which then came closer and closer. The Flash rate was very high and it flashed every Second, so far we have never seen such a flash rate and the photographic output was great.

After the successful Photo session, we tracked the Cell to death when we saw a new Development off Primeosta Beach. As we were stationed there, we were expecting another very high flash Frequency as well as a Shelfcloud that has washed itself. Unfortunately, there were no Photos because soon the heavy Rain began and we were hit by a Downburst and rolled over. The chasing was a complete success. Afterwards we were able to capture a beautiful Sunset by the sea in Marskevic.

The Video by the Downburst and the Flashes we have not put together as usual, but this Time with a classic Music deposited. It is a different chasing Video than we know it, but it shows the impressive Power of Nature as well as the multiple lightning strike in the Primostea Island and the Downburst.

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